Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thank you for visiting the WorldMark international currency website. WorldMark international currency is valued at one WorldMark equals ten United States Dollars. 1 WM = 10 USD. The purpose of WorldMark international currency is to establish one currency, that can be used to price everything, worldwide, against each countries own currency, or a regional currency, such as the Euro. 

WorldMark can also provide economic relief, in cases where a country, or group of countries economies, may temporarily, be in a state of economic depression and unable to otherwise solve their economic problems quickly.

WorldMark is an efficient, extremely portable, safe currency with modern bar coded serial numbering. Each serial number is entered into the central WorldMark database. If you own a barcode reader you can keep track of your currency the same way, for whatever accounting purposes you like. 
There is no need to fold WorldMark currency, as it is sized correctly. Since WorldMark international currency comes in large denominations, it does not require a forklift to move large amounts of currency.
WorldMark is not a government based currency. No matter how bad things get in any particular country, or what any government tries to do to solve the problems, it will not affect the value of WorldMark international currency. The thousands of other countries in the world's economies, are not going to collapse, because of the difficulties of a few.
Best of all WorldMark is not a bank. WorldMark is the international currency provider. Therefore, until the currency is traded in the FOReign currency EXchange, commonly known as the FOREX, and exchanged at international banks, WorldMark international currency, can be provided at a discount, directly to you, for you to immediately profit from, and to also help facilitate immediate usage. This will give people, regardless of their financial stature, an opportunity to acquire WorldMark international currency, and put it into use.
No matter where you are from, or where you want to be, WorldMark wants to make you as much money as fast as we can.
As the world’s economies are in general recession, WorldMark provides the opportunity to increase your wealth faster, and to network with others who want to do the same thing. The more people you introduce to WorldMark, the more sucessful you will become. The more WorldMark international currency you get into other peoples possession, the more currency you will possess yourself. International Social Networking can get you there.
Europeans whom experienced the introduction and distribution of the Euro, replacing their native currency, know how fast a currency can be distributed to everyone, and since WorldMark international currency is not intended to replace any currency, and is available at a discount, it is even easier to distribute. Individual Europeans did not profit, by discount of the Euro, so this is a great opportunity for individuals to distribute WorldMark international currency, without borders, in this modern, internet, world wide computer era. This time around, individuals can make money in the advancement, not just huge international corporations.
Exchange Rate: 1 WM = 10 USD
One WorldMark equals ten United States Dollars.
Remember, WorldMark international currency is not a bank, you can currently acquire WorldMark international currency at a discount, until WorldMark is included in the FOREX and exchanged at international banks for any currency.
Once WorldMark international currency is included in the FOREX, and exchanged for any currency, at international banks, WorldMark international currency will only be discounted for governments, banks and under special circumstances, to make the world a better place for everyone.
Going forward means reaching out and getting WorldMark international currency into everyone’s possession. Now is the best time to do it. With the World Wide Web, the internet has given power to the individual, once never imagined, and now realized, to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Making friends, and making yourself, and others wealthier, doing so. Join the prosperity revolution, and make your world, and others, a better, more productive, and happier place to live.
What are you waiting for... Have fun. Get going. 
One of the Free Social Networking site’s you can start using immediately is There you can search by country for new friends, and connect with people from around the world.  If there are language barriers, you can use the many translation programs available, such as the Microsoft Translator at  or Translator 2 at 
Be sure and refer your new friends to here they can translate this information into many different languages by selecting the language of their choice in the upper right hand corner, at the top of the page.  English reading friends can be directed here or to 

WorldMark international currency is the safe intelligently sized answer. Easy to conceal, no need to fold, easily transported in large quantities, barcoded, and individually serialized for your protection. WorldMark has recently released new larger denominations to expand on this further. In addition to one, ten, fifty, hundred and thousand, WorldMark has introduced Big Money, in a compact size. We hope, you will soon acquire much of it.
WorldMark International Currency:  To See WorlMark International Currency click here.
One WorldMark
Five WorldMark
Ten WorldMark
Fifty WorldMark
One Hundered WorldMark
Five Hundered WorldMark
One Thousand WorldMark
Five Thousand WorldMark
Ten Thousand WorldMark
Fifty Thousand WorldMark
One Hundered Thousand WorldMark
Five Hundered Thousand WorldMark
As you can see WorldMark international currency is easily transported in large quantities, without a forklift, armored transport, or anyone even knowing you are transporting large sums of physical currency. Safer, easier, less expensive to move and store.
Music is the international language, heard around the world. Therefore WorldMark has chosen to distribute WorldMark international currency at a discount, by special arrangement at Please visit the site and you can acquire WorldMark international currency at a 20% discount or subscribe and have enormous opportunities for even far greater discount. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, try Route66.  For immediate access to special offers and more information click here.  

While Europeans will surely know what to do with it, after replacing their native currency with the Euro, the fact that they can acquire WorldMark at a generous discount, opens the door to infinite possibilities, with which to take financial advantage thereof, limited only to your imagination.

Take international auction web sites for example, if a hundred people are selling the same item for the same price, what reason is there for anyone to buy your item, product for sale ? Offering WorldMark international currency, with the purchase of your item, might make the sale, where it might never had occurred. Just provide a link to or as a reference, and you can offer them a kind of rebate, or even make it pay to buy your item, or product. Use WorldMark currency to increase sales, distribute more currency and introduce more people to WorldMark, by getting them to desire, acquire and profit by subscribing and becoming one of your referrals. For more information on referrals go to or click here.
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